Kichi Sibi Trails

Leah Dorian, Métis Artist, Prince Albert Saskatchewan

Welcome to Kichi Sibi Trails!

Our mission is to revitalize Ancient Indigenous Trails in eastern Ontario and western Quebec, around the Ottawa River (the Kichi Sibi). Since time immemorial, these walking and portage trails (together with the waterbodies they join) were thoroughfares that enabled daily life and connected Indigenous Peoples and their territories. Collectively across regions, these trails and waterbodies formed a vast transportation network that facilitated the interaction of Indigenous Peoples, their cultures, and their territories throughout North America (Turtle Island)!

In the Kichi Sibi Region, 7000-year-old artefacts have been found in the vicinity of these trails and species of plants used for traditional food, medicine, and building still grow along the pathways… We hope that, by revitalizing these local trails, we will better understand the deep history and the ongoing presence of the Indigenous Peoples, lands, and waters in Algonquin Anishinabe territory. We hope that by raising awareness, all of us become more consciously connected to the nature of and in this place we call home.

Why is it important to know about these Indigenous Trails?

Here’s a sample of what we are excited about!

(Overview and Map)

On this website:

  • we offer maps and interpretive detail about the revitalized trail(s),
  • we share what we know about other local trails, and
  • we let you know about upcoming events.

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