About the Trails

The area around the confluence of the Ottawa, Rideau, and Gatineau Rivers has long been known as a significant, sacred gathering and trading site for Indigenous Peoples. This site was a necessary stopping point for river travel because of the many obstacles to navigation found here: the spectacular Rideau Falls, the mighty Chaudière Falls, and dangerous sets of rapids upstream in all three rivers. It stands to reason that many portages and other foot trails crisscrossed the region. Some of these trails are well known and documented – the portages around the Chaudière Falls for example. Others are more speculative and require investigation.

Photo Credit: Peter Stockdale

Chief Pinesi’s Portage is the first trail to be revitalized by Kichi Sibi Trails! In times past, this trail served to bypass Rideau Falls, thus facilitating passage between the Rideau River and the Ottawa River. Today we share Chief Pinesi’s Portage as an interpretive walking loop.

For other indigenous trails in the Kichi Sibi Region, we share our preliminary findings and forays.

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