The work of Kichi Sibi Trails reflects countless contributions by diverse individuals and organizations. We thank them all!

Special thanks to members of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation: Chief Wendy Jocko, Councillor Merv Sarazin, Councillor Barb Sarazin, Drummer Barry Sarazin, retired Councillor Ron Bernard, Bob Craftchick, David Craftchick, Alanna Hein, and Kevin Lamarr.

Special thanks to Simon Brascoupé, and Doreen, Charlotte, and Conrad Stevens for their artistic contributions.

We thank City of Ottawa elected officials and staff for their numerous contributions to the success of the project. In particular, we thank Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Rawlson King, Councillor Mathieu Fleury, Charmaine Forgie, and Tyler Tanner.

We thank John Savage for his contributions to the project, particularly for proposing the name: Kichi Sibi Trails.

We wish to recognize the contribution of Jean-Luc Pilon former Curator of Ontario Archaeology for the Canadian Museum of History. It was Jean-Luc’s seminal research on the existence and general path of the portage around Rideau Falls that established the scientific basis of Chief Pinesi’s Portage.

We thank our many partners and supporters:

We thank many individuals, each of whom made important contributions:

Ash Abraham
Inci Akmaz 
Dave Allston
Ben Bergeron
Kokom Jane Chartrand
Owen Clarkin
Lynne Collins
Derek Cushing
Jason Dalnoki
Chantal Dostaler
Martha Edmond         
Francis Ferland 
Max Finkelstein          
Laura Fraser
Donna Gould
Alanna Hein
Derek Hall 
Stephen Hunter 
Jane Inch
Paul Johanis   
Susan Johnston
Christina Leadlay        
Catherine Mageau-Walker
Christine Maki


Heather Matthews
Kelly McGurrin          
John Milton    
Tricia Monague          
John Morrison 
Paula Naponse
Amélie Neault 
Julia Ostertag
Cindy Parkanyi 
Peter Pulsifer 
Benjamin Ramirez-Arancibia
Brian Redmond          
Cathy Rogers 
Luc-Anne Salm
Derek Smith  
KC Stevens    
Peter Stockdale 
Jim Stone       
Romola Thumbadoo
Fraser Taylor
Richard Vincent
Ken Watson   
Ben Weiss
Patrick Wilmot
Peter Zanette