A Trail Through Pinecrest Cemetery

January 28, 2021

We found traces of another Ancient Indigenous Trail running from the Rideau River (between what is now Hog’s Back and Black Rapids) to the Ottawa River (to Lac Deschenes) running through what is now Pinecrest Cemetery.

Apparent trail line SE over rivulet

We learned that the Cole family created Pinecrest Cemetery, and buried their family and intermarried families next to the trail, but we don’t know why. It is not a prominent place. Further, we found the path exit in the SE corner heading toward Black Rapids. It appeared to cross the rivulet and then NE but the Google Map suggests it may have followed a treeline along the ridge for some distance. 

Apparent trail line SE over rivulet

Maps and texts suggest that the trail went either to Britannia or further east near the creek entrance at Mud Lake. However, following the trail as the crow flies, it would appear that it ends at this creek entering Lac Deschenes. Max Finklestein thinks this creek is important as it is paddleable above Bayshore. The water follows up to and beyond the Bruce Pit.